Reduced their internal workload by 85% by using an additional file sent to us from their benefits vendor which allowed us to complete all benefit info without having to send info back to HR and payroll.
Staples chose CCC after a national evaluation and have been thrilled with our partnership and they have publicly stated that they are very thankful they found the right partner!

Customizations were built via CCCVerify regarding OTR drivers various pay fields. These customizations decreased Swift's internal workload by 91% and greatly reduced the time and effort on any verification related work.
Swift continues to praise CCC for eliminating the work back on their team and has expressed that we are their Partner because we learned their business!

JC Penney was using another vendor - That vendor was acquired by the nation’s largest verification vendor - custom and manual processes ceased, increasing the number of VOE’s being done by JC Penney. JC Penney switched to CCC verify and saw immediate results, cutting down their involvement in the process to virtually zero.

Ahold switched from another vendor because they were having to complete any verification that was outside that large vendors' rigid standard format. We added the feature of receiving a benefits file and access to workers comp information - increasing the % of VOE’s being done by us, instead of by them by 36%.