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CCC Verify is an employment verification service provided by Corporate Cost Control.

We provide secure and instant access to employment and wage information to authorized and credentialed verifiers. We contract with employers of many types to alleviate the burden of these verifications and to generate fast, objective, and accurate information to better serve their employees and the verification community.


Mortgages, car loans, student loans, credit cards, new employers, landlords, public assistance, and many others all require verification of your employment. CCC Verify provides the fastest and most secure way for verifiers to retrieve this information. We provide only the information that is provided to us by your employer(s). Dates of employment and wage history are provided to verifiers that you authorize to get your information. We never give "reason for separation".

After you have logged in securely, you can:

  • Access your own information
  • See who has been viewing your information
  • Block access
  • Provide verification information
  • Dispute errors

You can even set up an automatic email to notify you anytime someone verifies your information.


A maximum fee of $55.95 is charged for each verification, plus any applicable sales tax. All major credit cards are accepted.

You must have employee authorization to access the information you seek and be credentialed by CCC Verify staff.

After verifying employment, you can audit access to verifications, as well as re-print verifications you have previously purchased.


Government agencies can access our system free of charge to instantly obtain:

  • Employment verifications
  • Income verifications
  • Health and Dental insurance enrollment status

for current and former employees of our clients.


Is your Human Resources or Payroll department swamped with distracting requests for employment verifications and income verifications from banks, retailers, and state organizations? Corporate Cost Control can help--in most cases, using the data feeds you already have in place.

If you would like a fast and cost-effective way to remove the burden of employment verifications for your staff while providing your employees the best service possible, please contact us.


Corporate Cost Control is serious about your data's privacy.

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